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Happy PeAk Communications Systems Customers!

Thanks Steve!

The guys did a great job with the install. It looks really nice and they left the place really clean. You’d never know there had been work done. They took a few minutes to walk us through the basics and answered the questions we had.

Great team! Kudos to them!!

Thank you for the great customer service!

John Deo


I have been working with Mitel (& PCS) for almost two years now. I did not have any training when I began using the system at a new job. The system is quite easy to learn and has so many great options such as voicemail to your email. Even if you accidently delete the message from your phone you can replay it through your computer. I love the instant messaging. You can be on the phone with a client and message a co-worker with a question at the same time. I believe this system saves me precious time on a daily basis. I have worked with several phone systems in my time but this one has to be by far the greatest.

Janet L.


We have had the pleasure of working with Peak Communication Systems on several occasions now for our telephone system and cabling needs.

When we moved into our new offices in February of 2016. Steve Rubin and his technicians wired all of our telephone lines and our internet connections. His price that he charged us for this service was more than reasonable. He was prompt, courteous and did a wonderful job. He even came out in the middle of a blizzard to finish the job.

We would highly recommend Peak Communication Systems for any of your telephone needs.

Thank you!

Sam W

IT Director

PeaK Communiation Systems ah gone the extra mile in ensuring we have the right products for our needs.

We moved to a new building in early 2019, and Steve and his crew made sure we had reliable service despite some challenges around road and building construction. The folks at PeAK know business phone and internet services as well as all the peripheral things that keep things running smoothly.

Highly recommended!

Gabrielle B

Project Manager

Peak Communications Systems, Colorado Springs, CO


PeAk Communication Systems

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Phone: 719-590-7325