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Facilities Based Systems

6910 6920 6930 6940 6970 V w UIPeAk Communication Systems 6900 IP Series is a powerful suite of desk phones with crystal clear audio, advanced features and a broad array of accessories to improve productivity and mobility in today’s modern business environment.


Facilities Based Systems

PeAk Communication Systems is all about building business systems that produce a strong foundation for reliable business communications.

PeAK Cloud Based Services

We offer the full range of voice and data hardware, local and long distance providers.

Network Services

PeAk Communication Systems provides the best in data networking and VoIP services.


Premise wiring works from behind the wall jack. It is perhaps the most unnoticed component but still an important one for a properly functioning system.

Looking to upgrade your Hosted Business Services?

We will quote your systems free of charge to help you find the best deal.

PeAk Communication Systems

Peak Communications Systems, Colorado Springs, CO


PeAk Communication Systems

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